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Monitoring usage with detailed consumption reports

With the Data Capacity Reporting App, you can monitor the capacity consumption for your license at both a consolidated and a detailed level. The detailed consumption reports help you understand how your organization's usage aligns with your subscription entitlement. You can, for example, see exactly which reloads, automations, or reports that contributed to the consumption.

Information note

The Data Capacity Reporting App is available with Qlik Cloud capacity-based subscriptions.

App content

The Overview sheet in the Data Capacity Reporting App shows you all your entitlements and usage. Use this sheet to view the current capacity and historic monthly usage for the last 12 months for all Qlik Cloud value meters.

The app also provides sheets with detailed usage metrics, covering the current month and the two previous months, for the following value meters:

  • Data for Analysis: This metric is the sum of all data in Qlik Cloud, which counts data loaded into or created in Qlik Cloud. Data loaded or created in Qlik Cloud is counted once and can be analyzed multiple times. Data for Analysis is measured monthly, with peak usage compared to purchased capacity. For more information, see Data for Analysis.

  • Data Moved: This metric is the sum of all data moved to a cloud destination, with an unlimited number of sources and targets. Data moved to Qlik Cloud is excluded from the calculation. The source types that data can be moved from depend on your subscription, whereas data can be moved to any target type. Data Moved is measured from the beginning of the month. For more information, see Data Moved.

  • Third Party Transformations: This metric applies to all datasets that are registered and used in transformations but not delivered by Qlik Cloud Data Integration. Third Party Transformations are measured from the beginning of the month.

  • Automation Runs: This metric is the sum of all automations that were executed using Application Automation. Automation Runs are measured from the beginning of the month.

  • Reports: This metric applies to the number of reports distributed via Qlik Reporting Service to other Qlik Cloud Analytics users in your system. Reports are measured from the beginning of the month.

Distributing detailed consumption reports

As a tenant administrator with the Private Analytics Content Creator role, you can distribute the app with detailed consumption reports from the Management Console. The app is stored in your personal space, from where you can publish it to a managed space of your choice.

The detailed app is generated once per day in the morning, Central European Time. This means that when a tenant switches to a capacity-based license, there is no immediate data file available for the current day. You will need to wait until the data has been generated.

Redistribute the app to obtain the most recent data. Apps stored on your tenant exist as separate instances and are not replaced by newer ones.

Do the following:

  1. In the Management Console, go to Settings.
  2. Under Detailed consumption reports, click Distribute.

    The Distribute consumption reports setting in the Management Console

    The app is now available in your personal space.

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