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Navigating spaces

Spaces are areas in the hub where apps, scripts, and other content are stored. This is where you manage content, members, data sources, and notifications for spaces.

Shared and managed spaces are divided into the following sections:

  • Details
  • Notification preferences
  • Members
  • Data sources
  • Edit space

You can access these sections by selecting Space details in a shared or managed space.

In a personal space, you can only select Data sources. Select your user profile menu to manage other personal space settings.

When you make any changes to user's permissions for apps or scripts, these changes are not instantly reflected in actively opened apps and scripts. To ensure that the changes to the user's permissions are updated, the user must close all browser tabs belonging to the affected app or script and wait at least two minutes (app session's Time To Live), then re-open the app. This applies to app and script permissions in personal, shared, and managed spaces. Changes in permissions for newly opened apps are reflected instantly.


You view space information in Details, including description, space owner, and space creator.

The Details section

The Details section of a shared space


You can manage your subscriptions for content in the space from Notifications. You can subscribe to events or actions in a space by selecting the event or action under the notification type.

Managing space notifications


Space owners and users with the Can manage role can view all the members of a space in Members. They can do the following:

  • Add members
  • Change member permissions
  • Remove members

Managing permissions in shared spaces

Managing permissions in managed spaces

The Members section of a shared space.


You can view all data files and connections added to the space in Data. If you have the permissions, you can also add data files and data connections to the space.

Adding and managing your analytics data

Information note

Users with Can view cannot view the data sources in a space.

The Data section of a shared space

The Data section of a shared space

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