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Adding Qlik Connector for use with SAP NetWeaver to Qlik DataTransfer

By default, the Qlik Connector for use with SAP NetWeaver is not available as a data connection in Qlik DataTransfer. You can, however, upload data from an app that already has a connection to SAP NetWeaver.

The Qlik Connector for SAP NetWeaver must be installed on the same machine as Qlik DataTransfer. For installation instructions for the QlikConnector for use with SAP NetWeaver, see SAP Connector installation. Once the connector is installed, you can then configure Qlik DataTransfer to support uploading data from an app with a SAP NetWeaver connection.

  1. After installing the Qlik Connector for use with SAP NetWeaver, navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data\.
  2. Copy the following folders:
    • QvSAPBAPIConnector
    • QvSAPBExConnector
    • QvSAPExtractorConnector
    • QvSAPInfoProviderConnector
    • QvSAPSqlConnector
  3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Qlik\DataTransfer\Connectors\.
  4. Paste the copied folders.
  5. Restart the Qlik DataTransfer service.
  6. In Qlik DataTransfer, add an existing app that contains a SAP connection in Qlik apps.
  7. Reload the Qlik app.

You can now load data from that app with Qlik DataTransfer.

Information note

SAP will be listed in Data connections in Qlik DataTransfer, but it will not function. You must use SAP NetWeaver inside an existing app containing a SAP connection for Qlik DataTransfer.

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