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Configuring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is available to provide enhanced secured access to My Qlik. MFA provides an added layer of security for accessing Qlik Sense Business. MFA can be set up with a mobile device or using desktop options.

Service account owners (SAOs) and tenant administrators who are using Qlik Account as their identity provider are not required to configure MFA. All users using Qlik Account still have the option to configure MFA tied to their identity. It is strongly recommended that SAOs and tenant admins configure MFA given the sensitivity of the information they have access to.

MFA can be configured at the time of subscription purchase or any time after for the additional security by completing the following steps.

  1. Install a multi-factor authentication app on your device. Many different MFA apps are available for both mobile and desktop devices. Some common choices are Google Authenticator, Okta Verify, and LastPass.
  2. From either or your tenant, select Password & security.
  3. Under Multi-Factor Authentication click the Setup button.
    Information noteYou will be prompted to setup MFA the next time that you log in, or you can click Setup now.
  4. On the Set up multi-factor authentication page open your authentication app and scan the QR code. If you are using a computer, click Trouble Scanning? and or enter the code that is displayed in your authentication app.
  5. Follow the instruction on the authentication app to configure the device.
    Your authentication app will generate a 6 digit code once configured.
  6. Enter the code generated by your authentication app and click Continue.
  7. On the Multi-factor authentication successful page copy the recovery code and save it in case you ever need to log in without your device.
  8. Warning noteThis important recovery code link is provided for one time use. If you use the MFA recovery code, a new one is generated. Always save the last one generated.
  9. Click Continue to return to My Qlik.

Turning off Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

To turn off MFA comple the following steps.

Information noteQlik does not recommend turning off MFA.
  1. From either or your tenant select Password & security. For more information about My Qlik, see Managing the Qlik Sense SaaS subscription.
  2. In the Multi Factor Authentication tile, click the Reset button.

    A dialog box appears, prompting you to confirm the reset.

  3. Click Yes to reset.

    MFA is now turned off.