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Licensing your deployment

When you buy a new subscription for Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, the license key is set automatically during on-boarding. If needed, you can change the license key manually at a later time.

The user who enters the tenant for the first time becomes tenant admin. The tenant admin can assign the role tenant admin to other users. It is required to have at least one tenant admin. To prevent accidental removal of the last tenant admin, you cannot remove the role tenant admin from yourself.

Note: It is possible to lose the ability to repair or modify the identity provider configuration in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS if the account owner has been removed as a tenant admin. If the identity provider (IdP) in use in a tenant is no longer functional and needs to be modified, it is necessary for the original tenant account owner to access the Management Console through the recovery URL. This will fail if this user is no longer an administrator. For more information, see Known limitation in Qlik Cloud Services: Account Owner should not be removed as tenant admin.
  1. Click Qlik Sense SaaS launcher menu. and select Management Console.
  2. In the User allocation section, your JWT license key is set automatically during on-boarding.
    The tenant is licensed for use by users authorized through your custom IdP that can be set in the Management Console.

You can now view Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS license details, including the signed license key and LEF in the Management Console.