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Select and load data from a Qlik AutoML connection

Once you have created a connection, you can select data and load it into a Qlik Sense app. You load data in the Data load editor.

Before a connection can be used, the app requires at least a source data table with a unique identifier and input fields which will contain the content to send to the models for machine learning problems and tasks. Make a note of the Table and Field name, you will need these in the Select dialog next.

  1. In the Data load editor, open the saved connection and click Select tables.

  2. Enter a Resident Table to be sent to the machine learning endpoints.

    The Resident Table should be the name of the resident table with source data that you have loaded into your app. You will find the resident table name in the Data model viewer.

  3. The available return table will automatically appear under Tables.

    The name of the return table is the one that has been configured in the connection.

    • Select Dynamically Load All Fields if you wish to load all fields returned from the model into your app and if you have created the Qlik AutoML connection with the configuration to Load all available fields.

    • Select the column names to be loaded into the app if the connection was created without Load all available fields.

  4. A script is automatically generated based on the selections.

    Click Insert script.

  5. The new script will be seen in the Data load editor but needs additional editing.

    Complete the script by specifying the fields in the order the endpoint expects them. All fields must be available in the resident table.

  6. Reload the app.

    When a reload of an app occurs it will first expect to load the source data as a resident table and use this as input to the request made to Qlik AutoML endpoints.