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Differences between the Qlik Cloud Analytics subscription models

The capacity-based subscription model for Qlik Cloud Analytics introduces new pricing and packaging for Qlik Cloud. If you're a Qlik Cloud customer with a Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS or Qlik Sense Business subscription who is transitioning to the new subscription model, there are some important changes you need to be aware of.

Capacity-based subscription model

The new pricing model is based on data capacity as the primary value meter, as compared to the previous user-based model. This capacity-based model provides organization-wide access to analytics and data from more complex sources like mainframe and SAP. More capabilities are included, such as data movement to Qlik Cloud, catalog and lineage, and the free tiers of Application Automation and AutoML.

Overage can occur when the actual usage of a resource exceeds the purchased capacity limit. This allows continued access to Qlik Cloud without interruption. You can continue using a resource until the consumption reaches 10 times the purchased capacity limit.

Qlik Cloud Analytics Premium is comparable to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, and Qlik Cloud Analytics Standard is comparable to Qlik Sense Business. You can combine different editions of Qlik Cloud Analytics and Qlik Cloud Data Integration, depending on how much capacity you need for analyzed and moved data. Qlik Cloud Enterprise combines the highest editions of Qlik Cloud Analytics and Qlik Cloud Data Integration as one package.

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Changes in user management

For Qlik Cloud users, there are some important differences:

User permissions are managed separately from user types. The previous user entitlements, Professional and Analyzer, came with a set of permissions. This meant that an administrator could not grant certain permissions, such as creating apps, to a user with Analyzer entitlement without first changing the entitlement to Professional. Permitted actions are now based on permission settings only. The Professional and Analyzer entitlements are replaced by Full Users. Full Users are applicable to all use-cases as permissions allow.

There is also a free Basic User available with Qlik Cloud Analytics Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. Basic Users are intended for read-only use-cases and are more limited than the previous Analyzer entitlement.

  • A user with Analyzer entitlement can view sheets and apps created by others. They can't create, edit, or publish sheets or apps, but can create stories, bookmarks and snapshots based on data in apps that are shared with them. They can also generate on-demand apps, print objects, stories, and sheets, and export data from an object to Microsoft Excel.

  • A user with Basic User entitlement can only have the Has restricted view role in managed spaces. This means that they can view sheets and apps created by others, but only in managed spaces. In addition, they can create personal notes and private bookmarks.

If a user with Basic User entitlement needs more access, an administrator can grant additional permissions. User entitlements are automatically assigned at login based on the user's permissions. This means that if a Basic User is granted permissions beyond the Has restricted view role, they will be upgraded to a Full User entitlement.

For more information, see Managing users - Capacity-based subscriptions.

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