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Google Ads

You can access your advertising performance data with the Qlik Google Ads Connector.

Tip note

The Qlik Web Connectors help you connect to different data sources and fetch data in the same way. Learn how to authenticate a data source connection and how to use tables to fetch data.

Connecting to data sources

Supported offerings

  • QlikView

This connector must be installed separately.

Ways to access your data

To use this connector you need to authenticate with a Google account that has sufficient permissions to access the Google Ads account that you want to report on.

In the report tables, you will also need to specify a client ID. This value can be retried from the clientCustomer column in the Accounts table.


After authenticating the connector, you can use the following tables to load data into your app.

Tables that can be loaded
Table Description
Accounts Lists all accounts to which the Manager has access.

Allows you to specify a report query using GAQL. For more information, see Google Ads Query Builder and Google Ads Query Language.

If you have an existing AdWords Query Language (AWQL), you can migrate it to GAQL query. For more information, see Query Migration Tool.

Using The Ads Query Language

You can use the Google Ads Query Language (GAQL) to define a report query.

Google Ads Query Language




The report download request may time out on extremely large data sets. There is no explicit data size limit, however, due to a variety of factors, the server may return an error if the report is too large.

If you encounter time outs or errors, try a shorter date range or use predicates to break up the report request into multiple, smaller requests. For example, instead of running a single report for all campaigns, you could submit multiple requests that each filter for a subset of Campaign IDs.

Error Retrieving Values

The Customer ID dropdown may fail to populate or show an 'Error retrieving values' message. If this occurs, check your AdWords account type. If the account type is 'manager', changing to 'advertiser' should fix the issue.

You cannot load data from the Ads connector

Possible cause

You did not select the Manage your Google Ads Manager campaigns check-box on the consent screen when you were authenticating the connection.

Proposed action

Re-authenticate your connection, and ensure that you selected Manage your Google Ads Manager campaigns.

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