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Essbase Connector

The Qlik Essbase Connector enables Qlik Sense and QlikView to efficiently load data into an app from an Essbase dataset. The Essbase Connector uses an XML for Analysis (XMLA) service to retrieve data from Essbase cubes. An XMLA service is a SOAP service that uses the XMLA format for communication.

Supported offerings

  • Qlik Sense Desktop/Qlik Sense Mobile Client Managed
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows
  • QlikView (Requires separate installation)

What's new in this version


Version 1.3 provides improved diagnostics and changes to the logging format and structure. It also includes bug fixes.

For a complete history of changes through all versions, see Version history

Qlik Sense compatibility

The Essbase Connector is built into Qlik Sense. This means that when you install Qlik Sense, the Essbase Connector is immediately available in the Data Manager and the Data load editor.

QlikView compatibility

The Essbase Connector must be installed manually for QlikView.

Version compatibility
Connector version QlikView
1.3 November 2018, November 2017, 12.20, 12.10, 12.00

Version history


The Essbase Connector is built into Qlik Sense and does not need to be installed separately.


This version of the Essbase Connector is for QlikView use only.