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Google Ad Manager

The QlikGoogle Ad Manager Connector connector that loads data from the Google Ad Manager API into a Qlik Sense or QlikView app. The Google Ad Manager APIconnector allows you to extract report data on your advertising inventory and to track and monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Tip note

The Qlik Web Connectors help you connect to different data sources and fetch data in the same way. Learn how to authenticate a data source connection and how to use tables to fetch data.

Connecting to data sources

To use the Qlik Google Ad Manager Connector, you must enable API access in your Qlik Google Ad Manager network settings.

The connector can be used for the following tasks: 

  • List the available Google Ad Manager networks.
  • Load custom report data directly into a Qlik Sense and QlikView app.

To use the Qlik Google Ad Manager Connector, you must allow the Qlik Google Ad Manager connector to access the Google account that is associated with the Google Ad Manager platform. You do this by generating a Google Authentication Token.

The authentication token is saved in your Qlik Google Ad Manager connection and it can be used to run multiple reports on your Google Ad Manager platform.

Information noteYou do not need to enter a new authentication token to run a new table. Once the authentication token has been saved, it will be used to run all tables.

Supported offerings

  • Qlik Sense Desktop
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows
  • QlikView

This connector must be installed separately.

Ways to access your data

The Qlik Google Ad Manager Connector generates a LOAD script that you can copy into the Data Load Editor for Qlik Sense or the Edit Data dialog for QlikView to connect to a Google Ad Manager data source. The connector also allows you to download data from Google Ad Manager in QVX, CSV, TSV, XML, HTML, or JSON format.

List the available networks

To see a list of networks that are available, run the Networks table using the authentication token. The table will list the available networks and the network codes that are used to generate reports.

Generate reports

To generate a report, run the Report or the ReportRaw table.

Information noteThe ReportRaw table returns the unprocessed result from the API, which is currently set to tab separated values.

A complete list of report query fields is found here:


If you experience unexpected results when loading report data or you receive no data at all, there might be a temporary issue with the Google Ad Manager API. Problems with the Google Ad Manager API are usually resolved quickly.

Data varies when running report for Today

If you are running a report for today's date, the result might vary after each run. This is expected as data is continuously being updated throughout the day.

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