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Teradata (TPT)

The QlikView Teradata (TPT) Connector enables QlikView to efficiently load data into an application from a Teradata database with the Teradata Parallel Transport service. The connector uses the Teradata FastExport utility to export data from the database.

The realtime output of the FastExport utility is piped into the connector where it is processed and piped into the QlikView application. The BTEQ utility is used to retrieve table metadata. The metadata is used by the QlikView Create Select Statement dialog to specify the table and columns to select for the SQL SELECT statement.

To use the QlikView Teradata (TPT) Connector, you must install the Teradata Tool Utilities (TTU) V13.10 or more recent. The TTU components that are required are the FastExport utility and the BTEQ utility. The TTU must be acquired directly from the Teradata Download Center:

What's new in this version


This is the first version of the QlikView Teradata (TPT) Connector.

QlikView compatibility

Connector version QlikView versions
1.0 November 2017, 12.10, 12.00

Supported Teradata (TPT) data types

All data is string. The following Teradata (TPT) data types are supported by the Teradata (TPT) Connector:

  • Char

Three Teradata data types are converted to string data:

  • Timestamp with TimeZone
  • Time with TimeZone
  • Year to Month interval

Calculated columns are not supported. Columns must be specified as a delimited list of column names.

The total length of the columns selected (66430) exceeds the maximum allowed length. The length must be less than 64000.