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System fields

In addition to the fields extracted from the data source, system fields are also produced by Qlik Sense. These all begin with "$" and can be displayed like ordinary fields in a visualization, such as a filter pane or a table. System fields are created automatically when you load data, and are primarily used as an aid in app design.

Available system fields

The following system fields are available:

Available system fields
System field Description
$Table Contains all tables that are loaded.
$Field Contains all fields in the tables that are loaded.
$Fields Contains the number of fields in each table.
$FieldNo Contains the position of the fields in the tables.
$Rows Contains the number of rows in the tables

None of the system fields can be manipulated in the script.

Using system fields in a visualization

System field data is associated. For example, if you add two filter panes, one with $Table and one with $Field, if you select a table, the $Field filter pane will show the fields in the selected table as possible values.

System fields are not included in field lists in the assets panel when you edit a sheet. They are included in the expression editor. If you want to use a system field in the assets panel, you need to reference it by typing it manually.

Example: In a dimension in the assets panel


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