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Compared to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, there are some features that are not available in Forts.

Changing tenant alias

Changing the tenant alias is not supported in Forts. If you change the tenant alias, you must do the following:

  • Delete the fort in the Management Console

  • Deploy a new Forts image in one of the available environments

  • Create a new fort in the Management Console and use the new bootstrap configuration in the Forts Console

Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS

  • The Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS app for iOS and Android is not compatible with Forts. If you are using Forts, this will not impact the availability of the mobile app, however, Apps in Forts Spaces on Mobile will not be accessible.


  • You cannot move an app between a Forts space and a non-Forts space.

  • You cannot move an app between Forts spaces if the spaces belong to different forts. However, you can move apps between spaces that belong to the same fort.

  • Extensions such as Vizlib and Quick Table Viewer cannot be used in Forts.


  • Alerts are used to monitor data, and to detect outliers and anomalies. Alerting is not supported in Forts.

Interoperability with client-managed Qlik products

  • App distribution from Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows is not supported in Forts.

  • Forts users cannot import apps exported from QlikView. QlikView apps cannot be used with Forts.

Extending Forts

  • Qlik CLI is a command-line interface that provides access to all Qlik Cloud public APIs through a command line. Qlik CLI is currently not supported.

Reporting with subscriptions

  • With subscription reports you can schedule recurring emails containing a PDF of your preferred sheet or chart. Subscription reports are not supported in Forts.

On-demand app generation and Dynamic views

On-demand apps and dynamic views are not supported in Forts.

  • With on-demand apps you can load and analyze big data sources in Qlik Sense Enterprise. Users set aggregate views of big data stores and can identify and load relevant subsets of the data for detailed analysis.

  • With dynamic views users can directly control both the analytic sources they want to explore and when data is refreshed in visualizations.


Insight Advisor Chat

  • Insight Advisor Chat is a chat-based interface for conversational analytics. With Insight Advisor Chat, you search for insights in any app you can access. Inside an app that is on a fort, Insight Advisor Chat is supported, but not searching across all spaces.


  • You use notes with snapshots of data to capture a personal narrative, and to collaborate with others. Not supported in Forts.

Qlik Application Automation

  • With Qlik Application Automation, you can build automatic analytics and data workflows using a no-code visual interface. Not compatible with Forts.

Qlik Catalog

Qlik Catalogis a modern enterprise data management solution that simplifies and speeds up the curation, preparation, and delivery of trustworthy, actionable data to business users across the enterprise. Not supported in Forts.

Qlik DataTransfer

Qlik DataTransfer is a lightweight Windows application for uploading data from on-premises data sources to a Qlik Sense SaaS tenant without firewall tunneling. Not supported in Forts.

Fort operations

The following operations limitations exist in Forts.

Horizontal scalability

  • You access a fort through a Forts space. A space can only contain one fort, but the same fort can be used in several spaces. The ability to use more than one fort to add capacity to a selection of spaces is what we're calling Horizontal scalability, and this is not currently available.

Rolling upgrades and upgrade timing

  • A rolling upgrade, that is, an upgrade of software without any downtime, is not supported in Forts, nor is the timing of upgrades.

High availability

  • Protection against single point of failure, not supported in Forts.