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Getting started and learning options

Qlik technical documentation contains examples, tutorials, and troubleshooting for all skill levels for any stage of your journey. You can familiarize yourself with the features and architecture of every Qlik product.

The Qlik Cloud documentation set can also be opened in several ways, including:

  • From the main toolbar in Qlik Cloud, click Qlik Sense SaaS launcher menu. and select Help.

  • From the Qlik Cloud interface dialogs, click Help.

  • From the main toolbar in Qlik Cloud, click Qlik Sense resource center menu. to open the Resource Center, and select Help.

In addition to the documentation set you’re currently reviewing, you have other options to enhance your skills.

Qlik Cloud Resource Center

From the Resource Center, Qlik Cloud users and administrators can access in-product announcements, onboarding resources, in-product help, videos, survey and feedback options, and industry walkthrough options. They also have access to Qlik Notifications for activities such as scheduled maintenance. Administrator announcements are only available to Qlik Cloud tenant admins.

The Resource Center is available from the main toolbar almost anywhere in Qlik Cloud except Qlik Sense apps.

Resource Center

Resoruce Center menu in Qlik Cloud
Qlik Cloud Government noteThe Resource Center and associated capabilities may vary in the Qlik Cloud Government interface.

Qlik Cloud welcome tour

Explore Qlik Cloud with customized tours based on your user role and Qlik product experience. The Welcome tour can be started the first time you log in to Qlik Cloud. You can also start tours whenever you want. From the main toolbar in Qlik Cloud, click Qlik Sense resource center menu. to open the Resource Center, and select Onboarding & learning.

Qlik Cloud welcome menu with expanded Resource Center options

Start the Qlik Cloud welcome tour

How-do-I videos

From the Qlik Cloud hub, you have access to a series of videos to help you get started with Qlik Cloud Analytics Services and Qlik Cloud Data Integration. Each video focuses on a task related to creating analytics and visualizing data or data integration.

Videos to help you get started with Analytics Services

Screenshot of the Qlik Cloud hub with videos explaining how to use different features of Analytics Services.

On the Getting started and Home tabs, you can find videos to help you get started with Data Integration

Screenshot of the Qlik Cloud hub with videos explaining how to use different features of Data Integration.

Qlik Cloud Analytics Services tours (videos)

The Qlik Sense Product Tour quickly (less than three minutes) introduces you to Qlik Cloud Analytics Services. The What you can do in Qlik Sense SaaS Tour provides an introduction of the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub.


If you’re a new Qlik Cloud user or administrator, make sure to visit Qlik Onboarding. These resources can quickly get you up and running in your Qlik Cloud role.


Whether you are just beginning your Qlik Cloud journey or looking to enhance your skills to help implement your data analytics strategy, you can take advantage of step-by-step tutorials. For more information, see Tutorials for Qlik Cloud Analytics Services.

Videos and screencasts

The Qlik help website provides more than 400 videos and screencasts to help you enhance your Qlik Cloud skills or help you better understand how to take advantage of this powerful toolset. You can filter the videos by tool, feature, and version.

The Qlik help YouTube channel provides a similar set of videos as the Qlik help website. It also includes subscription options and playlists.

The Qlik YouTube channel provides a wide variety of content, from new feature videos to customer showcases to product demonstrations.

Visit these sites often as new content is always being released.

In addition, you might want to subscribe to the following video series:

  • Qlik Support Techspert Thursdays - Hear directly from Qlik Techsperts on topics that are relevant to customers and partners.

  • Qlik Tuesday Tips and Tricks - quick solutions to cover the needs of Qlik Cloud users. For example, experts show an extension, present an underused feature, or give a troubleshooting tip.

  • Qlik Fix - series of short videos with helpful solutions for Qlik customers and partners. It's intended to give people the solutions they need to Qlik issues as quickly and as clearly as possible.


As you can see on Qlik Demos, the Qlik Cloud solution serves many different purposes. You can map a supply chain, track medical equipment costs, or manage your fantasy sports draft. The possibilities are endless. The Demo page can help you quickly experience the power of Qlik Cloud.

Qlik Support Knowledge Database

Search or browse the Qlik Support Knowledge Database to find answers to your questions ranging from account questions to troubleshooting error messages. The content is curated and updated by our global Support team.

Qlik Community

Whether you are new and want to familiarize yourself with basic functions or looking to optimize complex solutions, you’ll find your people on Qlik Community. Here you can collaborate with more than 60,000 Qlik technologists and members worldwide to get answers to your questions and maximize success. Visit the Qlik Community to review or participate in discussions.

Qlik Learning

Visit Qlik Learning for a variety of learning and training options.

Qlik Learning combines a rich mix of training options, resources, and technologies to maximize the success of your development, deployment, and implementation of Qlik Cloud.

Offerings include everything from:

  • Quick start videos

  • Tutorials and self-paced learning

  • Classroom training

  • Skills assessments

Continuous classroom courses are based on skill level, user role, and tools or features.

Qlik Blogs

Qlik supports more than ten different blogs where you can hear directly from Qlik employees. Topics range from innovation to design to technical bulletins. For more information, visit Qlik Community Blogs.

Qlik Data Literacy Program

Today, data literacy is as important as reading and writing, but we're facing a major skills gap. That's why Qlik is on a mission to help people and organizations understand, analyze and use data with confidence.

The Data Literacy Program empowers you and your organization to use data effectively – regardless of role or skill. This industry-leading program offers comprehensive learning resources and consulting services to build data literacy skills across your organization.

See Data Literacy and the Qlik Data Literacy Program for more information.

Release notes for administrators

Administrators should review the monthly Qlik Cloud release notes to better understand resolved defects, open issues, and limitations. You’ll find the release notes at Qlik Community Release Notes.

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