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LOAD and SELECT statements

You can load data into Qlik Sense using the LOAD and SELECT statements. Each of these statements generates an internal table. LOAD is used to load data from files, while SELECT is used to load data from databases.

In this tutorial, you will be using data from files, so you will be using LOAD statements.

You can also use a preceding LOAD to be able to manipulate the content of the data loaded. For example, renaming fields has to be done in a LOAD statement, whereas the SELECT statement does not permit any changes to field names.

The following rules apply when loading data into Qlik Sense:

  • Qlik Sense does not differentiate between tables generated by a LOAD or a SELECT statement. This means that if several tables are loaded, it does not matter whether the tables are loaded by LOAD or SELECT statements or by a mix of the two.
  • The order of the fields in the statement or in the original table in the database is unimportant to the Qlik Sense logic.
  • Field names are case sensitive and are used to establish associations among data tables. Due to this, at times it is necessary to rename fields in the load script to achieve a desired data model.

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