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My Qlik portal

My Qlik is a portal where the service account owner of the Qlik Cloud subscription can view and manage the subscription.

My Qlik shows a summary of your subscriptions with start date and end date. Click Arrow down See more to view the product details. You can expand each category to see entitlement limits and your purchased, consumed, and remaining amounts.

Subscription details in My Qlik

Home pane showing charts over capacity consumption.

For more information about the tasks you can manage from My Qlik, see Managing your Qlik Cloud subscription.

Qlik Account

When you sign up for a trial of Qlik Cloud, you need to create a Qlik Account. Go to and select Log In > Qlik Cloud. Click Sign up at the bottom of the page and enter your registration details.

Once registered for a Qlik Account, you automatically have access to multiple Qlik sites, including Qlik Community and Qlik Continuous Classroom (QCC). Customers and partners can access the Support Portal and the full Downloads page. Partners can access the Partner Portal.

A Qlik Account is not just a user registration at Qlik, it also includes an association with the QlikIdP, the default identity provider for a Qlik Cloud tenant.

Qlik and Talend have a shared login system. You use your Qlik account to log in to both Qlik Cloud and Talend Cloud. After logging in, you can easily navigate to Talend tenants associated with your account using the Talend link in the launcher menu. For more information, see Enabling a navigation link to Talend Cloud in the launcher menu.

Logging in to My Qlik

Go to My Qlik portal or log in from by selecting Log In > Qlik Cloud.

You can also log in from your Qlik Cloud tenant. Open the launcher menu in the upper-right corner and select My Qlik.

Managing your account settings in My Qlik

The Profile settings in My Qlik allow you to manage your account settings. To open your profile settings, click the user profile menu in My Qlik and select Profile settings.

You can manage the following account settings from your profile in My Qlik:

Profile settings in My Qlik

Profile settings menu when viewing My Qlik as service account owner.

To manage your personal settings, go to the Profile settings page in Qlik Cloud. From here, you can manage settings such as language and time zone, customize notifications, and download additional Qlik products. For more information, see Profile settings.

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