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Introducing Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a data visualization and discovery product that allows you to create flexible, interactive visualizations that lead to meaningful decisions.

What can you do in Qlik Sense?

Most Business Intelligence (BI) products can help you answer questions that are understood in advance. But what about your follow-up questions? The ones that come after someone reads your report or sees your visualization? With the Qlik Sense associative model, you can answer question after question, moving along your own path to insight. With Qlik Sense you can explore your data freely, learning at each step along the way and coming up with next steps based on earlier findings.

The Qlik Sense tour (video)

How does Qlik Sense work?

Qlik Sense responds instantly as you work. Qlik Sense does not require predefined and static reports, and you do not need to depend on others. Just click and learn, while Qlik Sense updates every visualization and view in the app with a newly calculated set of data and visualizations specific to your selections.

Qlik Sense Enterprise

Qlik Sense Enterprise and its underlying platform supports a wide variety of use cases. This includes self-service data visualization to empower users to explore data, guided analytics to align users to a standard business process or workflow, embedded analytics to enhance websites and applications, and custom analytic applications to support specific business processes or use cases. Qlik Sense Enterprise includes the Qlik Analytics Platform.

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS

Qlik Cloud is Qlik's hosted platform for Qlik Sense Enterprise, empowering people of all skill levels to do more with data. Your organization may use Qlik Cloud independently or as part of a multi-cloud deployment.

Qlik Sense Business

Qlik Sense Business is a SaaS solution that brings the power of Qlik’s third-generation analytics platform to groups, teams, and small to medium sized businesses that want to quickly operationalize analytics and make data-driven decisions. They can easily co-develop applications, share insights, and grant groups of users access to create, edit, or interact with content.

The app model

The app is at the core of Qlik Sense.

Instead of deploying and managing huge business applications, you can create your own Qlik Sense apps that you can reuse, modify and share with others. The app model helps you ask and answer the next question on your own, without having to go back to an expert for a new report or visualization.

An app consists of one or more sheets containing visualizations. Visualizations are charts, tables and similar representations of your data together with other information. By making selections in your visualizations you can analyze the information to make your own discoveries and gain insights about your data.

The associative selection model (green/white/gray)

Discovering connections between data sets is one of the fundamental concepts in Qlik Sense. As you click, associated data values are highlighted. Selections are highlighted in green, associated data is represented in white, and excluded (unassociated) data appears in gray. This instant feedback enables you to think of new questions and continue to explore and discover.

Insight Advisor

Insight Advisor is a suite of features that assists you with Qlik Sense. Insight Advisor helps you create analyses, analyze data, and build an app data model. The following Insight Advisor features are available:

  • Insight Advisor Analysis Types

  • Insight Advisor Search

  • Insight Advisor Chat

  • Associative insights

  • Chart suggestions

  • Recommended associations

Insight Advisor Analysis Types and Insight Advisor Search help you quickly create analyses in apps. Insight Advisor Analysis Types creates charts from the analysis type and data you pick to use in the analysis. Insight Advisor Search uses search-based analysis to create charts based on your searches. As an app creator, Insight Advisor helps you create app content. As a business user using apps for analysis, Insight Advisor helps you create analyses outside of what is in the app sheets. For more information, see:

Insight Advisor Chat provides a chat-based solution for conversational analytics. Insight Advisor Chat enables you to make natural language searches from the hub to apps to which you have access.Insight Advisor Chat then returns relevant visualizations. For more information, see Exploring apps with conversational analytics.

Associative insights helps you uncover blind spots and reveal relationships you may have missed. Associative insights compares the contributions of your selections and excluded values against your measures. For more information, see Discovering your data with associative insights.

Chart suggestions allows you to select data fields when editing a sheet and let Qlik Sense choose the dimensions, measures, and visualization types. The suggested chart adjusts itself based on your changes. You can customize a suggested visualization with a focused set of properties. For more information, see Creating visualizations using Insight Advisor chart suggestions.

Recommended associations Insight Advisor can recommend associations between your data tables in the Associations view in Data manager. The Recommended associations panel lets you view and apply these recommendations. For more information, see Associating data in the table editor.