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Designing apps and visualizations

Once you create an app and add your data, you can start designing the sheets and visualizations in the app.

You can apply styling to your app to customize the app based on any standards. Styles are applied to all sheets in the app. For more information, see Styling an app.

Sheets structure your ideas and purpose of your app. A sheet is where charts and tables for data visualization are placed. An app can include several sheets. The selections that you make affect visualizations, regardless of which sheets they are on. For more information, see Structuring an app using sheets.

Selections and styling choices affect all sheets in an app
Styling a sheet with selections and background color

Visualizations let you present data so that your app's users can interpret and explore it. For example, a bar chart that compares sales numbers for different regions, or a table with precise values for the same data. Good visualizations help you quickly and accurately interpret displayed data. To learn more about the visualizations available in Qlik Sense, see Qlik Sense visualizations

You can create visualizations for analyses in several ways in Qlik Sense. The fastest way to create analyses for your app's users is with Insight Advisor. Insight Advisor provides assistance in quickly creating relevant visualizations from your data. With Insight Advisor, you can:

Generating a chart using Insight Advisor Analysis Types

You can create visualization manually, adjusting the range of properties to customize your data presentation. For more information on creating visualizations, see Creating and editing visualizations.

You can upload images to the app media library for use in the app. For more information on managing images in your media library, see Uploading image files to media library and Deleting image files from media library.