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Managing impact analysis

Impact analysis provides users with a graphical view of the lineage of a dataset or app.

Impact analysis shows the flow of data into and out of apps and datasets in a lineage graph. The lineage graph shows the dataset or app as a node, with its inputs and outputs as other notes linked by arrows indicating the flow of the data lineage. For more information on impact analysis, see Analyzing the lineage of data with impact analysis.

Each node display the name of the dataset or app in the data lineage. Users can select nodes to view details and metadata for the nodes to which they have view access in their spaces.


You should not enable impact analysis if datasets or apps have sensitive information in their names.

Impact analyses for each app and dataset are created when apps load data. After turning on impact analysis for a tenant, depending on app reload schedules, it may take time for lineage graphs to become available.

  1. Go to ConfigurationSettingsFeature Control.

  2. Click the Turn on impact analysis toggle to turn on impact analysis in the tenant.