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Troubleshooting - Lineage messages

You may encounter one or more of the following messages when working with lineage and impact analysis in Qlik Cloud. This table is intended to provide more context and guidance to help you understand and resolve common issues around lineage.

Lineage message Explanation
No lineage data available This message means that the node is not found in lineage data. This can happen if an associated app has not been reloaded.
Resource has been deleted or never existed. The ID of the resource is wrong or it has been deleted.
Resource is not available because app has not been reloaded or lineage could not be found. Either an app related to this lineage has not been reloaded since the lineage feature was introduced or there was an error generating the lineage. This can happen for apps with no data input and do not produce any datasets.
Internal error There was an internal error involving services that provide lineage.
No impacted resources exist for the selected base node. The base node does not have any output registered that would generate lineage. An examples of this is an app that does not write any data, or it produces a dataset that is not being read.
No upstream lineage data available The base node does not read any data and is therefore not dependent on any nodes.