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Delivering data for analytics


Delivering data for analytics

Qlik also provides several options to load on-premises data into your Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS tenant.

Hybrid data delivery

Hybrid data delivery is an enterprise scale service in Qlik Cloud Data Services that automatically and continuously uploads data from your on-premises systems and cloud based data sources to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS or to cloud targets.

Supported data sources include:

  • Relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2.

  • Enterprise applications, such as SAP ECC.

  • Cloud data warehouses, such as Snowflake, Microsoft Azure Synapse, and Amazon Redshift.

  • CRM systems, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Web-based data sources, such as Google Analytics, JIRA and Slack.

Hybrid data delivery

Uploading on-premises data

Qlik DataTransfer is a departmental utility that enables you to upload data from on-premises data sources to Qlik Sense SaaS. You can manually upload files or schedule data for updates. The following data sources are supported:

  • Data connections from your QlikView or Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows deployment.

  • Qlik Sense or QlikView apps.

  • Data files from local folders or network shared folders.

Uploading on-premises data with Qlik DataTransfer