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Configuring Qlik Cloud for SCIM

The first step in provisioning users and groups using SCIM is to configure Qlik Cloud.

Qlik Cloud requirements for SCIM

Qlik Cloud configuration steps for SCIM

Do the following:

  1. Open your Qlik Cloud Management Console by clicking Qlik Sense SaaS launcher menu. , and then selecting Management Console.

    Select Management Console from launcher menu
  2. Click Identity provider in the Configuration section of the Management Console.

    Click Identity provider in Configuration menu
  3. Click Navigation for the Microsoft Entra ID configuration and select Manage auto provisioning.

    Select Manage auto provisioning from the More menu
  4. Click Enable to retrieve the configuration information to supply to Microsoft Entra ID.

    Enable Manage auto provisioning
  5. The access token to allow Microsoft Entra ID to perform provisioning jobs on your tenant and the URL for your Qlik Cloud tenant displays. Click Copy and close.

    Copy access token
  6. Paste the copied content from the clipboard to a text editor for later use.

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