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Editing an existing IdP configuration

You can make changes to an existing IdP configuration.

Do the following:

  1. In the Management Console, open the section Identity provider.

  2. In the table, to the far right, click ... for the IdP that you want to edit.

    A sub menu is displayed with options for activating/deactivating, validating, editing, and deleting IdPs.

Activating and deactivating the IdP

You can have several different interactive IdPs configured in parallel, but only one active at a time. The others need to be deactivated or deleted. When you deactivate an interactive IdP, you automatically revert back to the Qlik Account configuration. For more information, see Deleting the IdP.

Validating the IdP

Validation occurs automatically when an interactive IdP is saved, but you can also manually trigger a validation if needed, for example, after editing the IdP. When selecting Validate, you are taken to the identity provider for login, and then a series of other validation steps.

Editing the IdP

You can edit IdPs of all types. After editing, validate your changes to ensure that the IdP is working properly. The Validate option is not available for Machine-to-Machine configurations.

Deleting the IdP

The default IdP is Qlik Account. You can change to a corporate IdP of your choice. If you later decide to delete the corporate IdP, you need to be aware of the consequences.

Warning noteDeleting an identity provider can make the tenant inaccessible for users.

When you delete a corporate IdP, the tenant reverts back to Qlik Account. Users who access the tenant via the deleted corporate IdP can no longer log in, nor can they can access content that they created. However, their content is visible by Qlik Account tenant administrators who could adjust ownership.

Also, if those users previously used Qlik Account, with the same email address as for the corporate IdP, any content created during the period with the Qlik Account is preserved.

Information noteInstead of deleting the IdP, you can deactivate the IdP. The tenant then reverts back to Qlik Account.

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