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Installing and updating the license

You need to install a valid license to start using the SAP Connectors. When installing the license in a server environment, the license must be installed on the server and on all nodes in a multi-node system. On Qlik Cloud, the license key must be valid for SAP usage.

Before you can proceed you need the following information, provided by Qlik:

  • The license key and control number, or
  • The Lef.txt file

The installed license Lef.txt file can be found in the following folder:

C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Custom Data\QvSAPConnector

Using the license

When you buy a new license, the license key is set automatically during on-boarding. If needed, you can change the license key manually at a later moment. To use the available SAP connectors the license key must be valid for SAP usage.

Licensing your deployment

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