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The Qlik OData Connector accesses website data and streams it into Qlik Sense SaaS. OData (Open Data Protocol) is a standard that defines the best practice for building and consuming RESTful APIs.

Ways to access your data

You can access websites that expose their data using the OData protocol. For more information, see Ecosystem: Producers.


You need to obtain the OData V4 service URL for the dataset you want to connect to. The OData connector supports basic authentication and auth header authentication.

When you are creating a connection, ensure Check response type during 'Test connection' is selected. If not selected, the Test connection option only checks for a 200/OK. Because of this, it is possible to authenticate successfully to a service that only provides JSON, then not actually pull any JSON data.

Loading data from tables

Here are some of the available tables:

Tables that can be loaded
Table Description
ListResources Returns a list of the available tables and resources. You will need to enter parameters to load the data.
GetData Used to get resource or table data. Column names ending in _Feed or _Entry can be used as new inputs for Resource parameters. You will need to enter parameters to load the data.
JsonV4ListResources Returns a list of available tables from an OData V4 service that produces data in a JSON format.

Returns data based on the Resource value after running the JsonV4ListResources table against an OData V4 service that produces data in JSON format.

Information noteCollection valued properties cannot be returned by this table. The placeholder "[Collection]" is returned instead. "[Collection]*" is returned for collection valued properties that are also navigation properties. Use the JsonV4GetDataCollection table to return collection valued properties.

Returns collection data from an OData service that produces data in JSON format given the Resource value, the ID column name, and the collection column name.

Information noteTo return navigation property values using the JsonV4GetData table, use the query option $expand=XYZ


If you are connecting to your own OData server and are getting out-of-memory exceptions, particularly for requests that return very large data sets, ensure that paging is turned on for your OData server.


The OData connector has the following limitation:

  • OData only allows HTTPS URLs.

Reference - OData documentation

Refer to the OData documentation to learn more about the requirements and restrictions imposed by the OData API.

OData API Documentation

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