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Tabular reporting and section access

You can use tabular reporting in apps that use section access. This help topic describes the differences you can expect when configuring reports from an app that uses section access.

The data reduction applied to report output depends on:

  • Whether the app uses section access

  • The report filters that are used

  • If the recipient is internal or external to the Qlik Cloud tenant

Refer to the sections below to learn how reports are generated for each type of recipient. For additional details, see Who can receive tabular reports?.

Differences between internal and external recipients

Recipient identification

The recipient's email address is used to identify whether or not they are an internal recipient. If the email address matches the email address of a user in the Qlik Cloud tenant, the recipient is internal. If no match is found, the recipient is external.

Internal recipients

Any internal report recipient must have access to the app and be included in the section access table for the report to be generated and sent to them. The data in the report output will also be filtered based on the data access restrictions defined for that user in the section access script.

External recipients

External report recipients receive report output as defined by the access of the report task owner.

Capacities for a report task

A report task can generate a maximum of 100 unique reports. In apps without section access, a unique report is generated for each distinct recipient-level filter applied across all users added to the report task. However, this behavior is different in apps with section access.

If the app has section access:

  • A unique report is generated for each internal recipient added to the report task, regardless of the filter applied to the recipient.

  • For external recipients, a unique report is generated only if the filter defined for the recipient is different than the filter defined for the report task owner. For external recipients with the same filter applied to them, one unique report is generated per unique filter.

Automatic deactivation of report tasks

In some scenarios, report tasks are automatically disabled in an app that uses section access. The following behaviors can be expected:

  • If a section access table is added to or removed from the app, the report task is automatically disabled. It can be re-enabled manually. This allows the report developer to evaluate whether they want to proceed with report deliveries, based on the definitions of the recipients in the distribution list.

  • If the app has section access and a tenant admin changes the ownership of the report task in the Management Console, the report task is automatically disabled. After this, only the new report task owner can re-enable the report task.


Report delivery via Microsoft SharePoint distribution folder is not available if the app uses section access.

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