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View menu

The View menu is a drop-down menu at the top of the screen, and contains the following commands:

  • Sheets: Upon selection, a cascade menu displays a list of all sheets used in the document, sorted as they appear from left to right.
  • Toolbars: Upon selection, a cascade menu, where it is possible to enable any toolbar to be displayed with the document, opens. The following toolbars can all be employed independently of each other: Standard Toolbar, Navigation Toolbar, Design Toolbar, Sheets Toolbar and Bookmarks Toolbar. The last entry in the list is Customize (Toolbars)... that allows the configuration of the toolbar according to the user’s own preferences.
    The Standard, Navigation and Design toolbars have each been pre-defined with a suitable selection of menu commands, as hinted by the names. The Sheet and Bookmark toolbars are actually defined as drop-down lists, offering an optional means for navigation between sheets and bookmarks, respectively. Note that the contents and functionality of any toolbar can be configured in a number of ways via the Customize option.

    Tip note To the far left in all toolbars and also in the menu bar, a symbol of vertical dots is displayed. Clicking and dragging here un-docks or docks the bar in the standard Windows fashion.
  • Statusbar: Toggles the status bar on or off.
  • Zoom: Permits zooming in 25% increments of the sheet area to better fit different screen resolutions. Other Zoom factors can be specified in the Sheet Properties: General page.
  • Server Objects: Toggles the Server Objects pane on and off.
  • Resize Window: With this option the window size of the QlikView document can be set to one of several common screen resolution.
  • Fit Zoom to Window: Alters the size of the displayed active sheet and everything on it so that it fits the window size.
  • Apply Zoom to all Sheets: The Zoom settings of the displayed active sheet will be transferred to all sheets of the document.
  • Design Grid: Toggles the design grid, sheet object placeholders for active object(s) and snap-to-grid for sizing and moving objects in the layout on or off . This command can also be invoked by the following keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+G.
  • Turn on/off WebView mode: Toggles WebView mode, which uses the internal web browser in QlikView to display the document in AJAX mode, on and off.
  • Current Selections...: Opens the Current Selections dialog where selections are listed by field name and field value. This command can also be invoked by the following keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+O.

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