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Server Objects Pane

The Server Objects Pane offers an easy way for end-users to manage their own server sheet objects and access other users' shared objects.

Configuring the Pane

The Server Objects Pane can be toggled on and off via the Server Objects command on the View menu or by pressing F2. The pane can be moved and docked to any side of the QlikView application window. It can also be left free-floating next to the QlikView window.

The Server Objects Pane can be left on when working with local documents (non server-based) but then has no function.

The Server Objects Pane contains two areas. The My Objects area lists your own personal server objects for the active server document. The Shared Objects area lists all shared sheet objects (including your own shared objects) linked to the current server document.

To hide an object in the QlikView application window, right-click the object and choose Remove. In order to show the object in the layout again, you must drag the object from the Server Objects pane.

When hovering over an object, a pop-up is shown containing information about the name of the object, the object type, owner and latest modification date.

Shared Objects

Here the shared objects are shown. They can be grouped differently according to Type, Owner and Date. Change the grouping by clicking on the arrowhead next to Shared Objects. The list can be expanded to show more information about each object or compressed to save space. Click on the arrowhead next to the object to expand, click again to compress.

Those objects shown in the layout are marked by a check in the My Objects and Shared Objects areas.

To use someone else's shared object you must drag it to the application window.

Adding and Sharing Objects

When you create a new server sheet object it will automatically be added to the My Objects list.

To share one of your own server objects to other users, right-click the object in the My Objects area and choose Share with Everyone or Share Permissions.... This opens the Sharing dialog.


In the Sharing dialog you can configure how the object should be shared. To share an object choose one of the options in the Share Permissions drop-down menu.

  • Do not share: The object is not shared with any users.
  • Share with everybody: The object is shared with all users.
  • Share by username: The object is shared with the users that are listed below.

The object will appear in the Shared Objects area but also remain in the My Objects area, now marked with a small hand to indicate its shared status.

To unshare an object which you have previously shared, right-click the object in the My Objects area, choose Unshare or Share Permissions again to open the Sharing dialog and then choose Do not share in the drop-down Share Permissions. The object will disappear from the Shared Objects list and no longer be available for other users. Note that it will however not disappear from other users' active sessions.

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