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Layout menu

The Layout menu is a drop-down menu at the top of the screen, and contains the following commands:

Layout menu options
Option Description
Add Sheet... Adds a tabbed sheet in which a new set of sheet objects can be displayed.
It is possible to add a new sheet to the layout even when working with a document on a QlikView Server.
Promote Sheet Moves the (tab of the) current sheet one step to the left (forwards).
Demote Sheet Moves the (tab of the) current sheet one step to the right (back).
Remove Sheet Deletes the active sheet and everything on it.
Select Fields... Opens the Fields property page of the Sheet Properties sheet. One or several field names can be selected from a list. The selected fields will be displayed in default configured list boxes on the active sheet. To set the specific properties of a list box right click on it and select Properties from the float menu (or from Object in the Main Menu). This command is not available when working with documents on QlikView Server.
New Sheet Object Opens a cascade menu in which it is possible to choose to create one of the different sheet objects. When created, the corresponding Properties dialog will be presented, for configuring the new object.
It is possible to add new sheet objects to the layout even if working with a document on QlikView Server, provided that:
a) the license is valid,
b) the server document has been configured to allow server objects
c) the QlikView Server is configured to allow server objects.
Rearrange Sheet Objects Automatically arranges the sheet objects on the active sheet.
Adjust Off-Screen Objects Any sheet object outside the visible area of the QlikView window is repositioned back inside the visible area.
Align/Distribute The alignment of sheet objects can be determined here according to a number of alternatives e.g. Left Align, Center Horizontally.

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