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Expression Overview

This dialog shows all document, sheet and sheet object expressions in a single list. From this list you may edit single expressions or do Find/Replace on multiple expressions. Select one or more expressions from the list. A selected line appears in black. Click below the last expression to deselect it.

In the top left hand corner of the dialog you can select more than one check box.

  • Chart Expressions

  • Chart Attributes

  • Color Expressions

  • Show Conditions

  • Other Expressions

Expression commands
Command Description
Columns... Opens the Columns dialog where you may customize which columns should appear in the Expression Overview dialog. The Expression column cannot be turned off.
Find/Replace... Opens the Find/Replace dialog where you may search for and replace specific text within the current list of expressions. It is also possible to make multiple or bulk changes to the expressions.
Export... Use this button to export the table below to a text file.
Apply Applies changes made in the list back to the properties of the document, sheets and sheet objects, without leaving the dialog. After using this command changes made so far will remain even if you use Cancel to leave the dialog.
Edit... After selecting a single expression in the list you may use this button to open the Edit Expression dialog for the selected expression.

The expression list in the lower part of the dialog may contain the following columns, based on settings in the Columns dialog (see below) :

Expression columns
Column Description
Sheet ID The sheet ID of the sheet where the expression occurs. Empty for document expressions.
Sheet Name The name (tab title) of the sheet where the expression occurs. Empty for document expressions.
Object ID The sheet object ID of the sheet object where the expression occurs. Empty for document and sheet expressions.
Object Name The name of the object where the expression occurs.
Location The location of the expression within properties with 'friendly name', i.e. a simple explanation of the type of expression.
Label The label of the main expression of the object.
Location (Full) The exact location of the expression within the properties structure. The notation corresponds to the object property hierarchies of the QlikView Automation interface, which is explained in detail in the QlikView API Guide.
Expression The expression definition.

Changes made from this dialog can be undone by the regular Undo command.

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