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What’s new in QlikView May 2023?

Here are some of the highlights of the new and updated features of QlikView.

QlikView Desktop using WebView2

QlikView Desktop has changed its rendering engine to WebView2. WebView2 is a modern Microsoft Edge based web technology replacing the previous WebView that was based in MS Internet Explorer technology.

TLS 1.3 support

TLS 1.3 support has been added to QlikView May 2023. With this, support has been dropped of TLS 1.0 and 1.1. This means that QlikView supports TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3.

Protection of the Platform: SSL and TLS support

Stronger encryption used

QlikView May 2023 now uses AES256 encryption instead of AES128. This is mainly used in the inter-service communication and means you must generate new keys if you are running your QlikView services with certificate trust.

Protection of the Platform: Server Communication

Time Series breakdown functionality

Several new functions allow you to decompose a time series dataset into trend and seasonality. The trend function identifies direction in the data, and the seasonality function determines seasonality with a known periodicity. The residual function identifies variation that is not associated with seasonal or trend components (noise). With these functions, you now have increased visibility into the patterns and trends in your time series data so you can better plan future action.

Additional functions in the expressions

The following distribution functions from the Cephes library have been added, allowing you to perform more advanced statistical analysis of simulations.

Improvement to customizations of the AccessPoint

When upgrading a system after having customized the AccessPoint, these changes will now persist across the upgrade.

Home button

A home button has been added to the AJAX client and the QlikView Plugin. This button takes you back to the AccessPoint.

Direct Discovery functionality disabled

Direct Discovery functionality has been disabled in QlikView May 2023. If you still need to use this, please contact Qlik Support for information on how to enable it.

Notice of depreciation – QlikView Mobile client

The support for the QlikView Mobile client will be removed in the next feature release of QlikView, currently planned for May 2024. You will still be able to use the Ajax client on both a phone and tablet, but the native application will be removed.


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