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Custom Error Messages

QlikView offers the possibility of customizing error messages in charts and table boxes. The Custom Error Message dialog is opened via the Error Messages button, which is found on the General page of the Chart Properties dialog, as well as on the General page of the Table Box Properties dialog.

  • Standard Messages: List of the standard error messages. To customize a message, select it and type a text of your choice in the Custom Message text box.
  • Custom Messages: Here you enter the text to be shown instead of the standard message selected above. The text may be a calculated formula.
    This feature makes it possible to e.g. change a rather cryptic error message (like: Local heap space exhausted) into a helpful hint for tackling the problem (in this case: Please make a selection... or: Please increase the allocation of memory / cells by... ).
  • Apply to All: Click this button to apply the custom messages to all the calculated objects of the document.
  • Clear All: Click this button to clear all the custom error messages.

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