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What’s new in QlikView May 2022?

Here are some of the highlights of the new and updated features of QlikView.

QVF support

Support for the QVF file format was introduced already with the QlikView May 2021 release. With the QlikView May 2022 release, the QVF format will be the default file format.

The QVW file format will still work and will be the default save format for existing QVWs. If two documents have the same base name but different extensions, they will share the meta and shared files.

There is not yet any cross-compatibility between QlikView QVF files and Qlik Sense QVF files.


The QlikView Server services have been upgraded to .NET 4.8.

System requirements for QlikView Server

Persisted Doc Admin cache

Previously, the Doc Admin cache was just in memory and was erased if the QMS service was restarted. Now the cache is persisted in a database

Distribution Services > Advanced > Preload Source Document Administrators

New function for key driver analysis

The function MutualInfo() calculates the mutual information between two fields.

MutualInfo chart function

Email alerts for the tasks finished with warning

Previously, the QlikView Server have had the functionality to send an email alert if any of the tasks would fail on the reload. Now we have added possibility to also include tasks that finished with warnings.

Distribution Services > Alert E-mail

New option for container objects

It is now possible to hide tabs in the container object. The object will show the first non-hidden object.

Container Object

Container Object - AJAX/Webview

Mekko chart total on top

The Mekko chart can now show totals on top of each segment stack.

Mekko Chart

Log collector tool

The Log collector tool developed by the Qlik Support has now been integrated into the QlikView Management Console.

Log Collector

Source document tracking

The user document, created in a Loop and Reduce process, now contains information about the source document. The information can be found in the Document Support Information dialog.

Document Support Information


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