YouTube Data

The Qlik YouTube Data Connector is a premium connector that allows you to get predefined insights into your video's usage and perform searches across all the public videos.


The Qlik Web Connectors help you connect to different data sources and fetch data in the same way. Learn how to authenticate a data source connection and how to use tables to fetch data.

Connecting to data sources

Ways to access your data

To use the Qlik YouTube Data Connector you must have a YouTube account, with which to authenticate the connector.

After authenticating the connector, a number of tables are available:

  • UserVideos - Lists the authenticated user's videos.
  • VideoSearch - Searches all videos.
  • ChannelSearch - Searches all channels.
  • VideoStatistics - Provides the statistics, including content details and status, of specific videos, identified by their ID.
  • ChannelStatistics - Provides the statistics for specific channels, identified by their ID.
  • HomePageActivities - Lists the Home page activities.
  • MyActivities - Lists the activities from the authenticated user's channel.
  • ChannelActivities - Lists the activities for a specific channel.
  • VideoComments - Lists the comments for a specific video.
  • ChannelComments - Lists the comments for a specific channel.
  • CommentResponses - Lists the responses to a specific comment.

The tables use a number of API quota units, which are defined by Google.

Query parameter

Some of the tables, for example VideoSearch, can take a query parameter, such as a search term or a complex query. Refer to the API search list to see the optional parameters list and instructions on how to specify the query term.


Known issues

There are several known issues which result in reduced functionality or incorrect operation for some tables:

  • The UserVideos table does not include parameters for publishedAfter or publishedBefore.

  • VideoSearch and ChannelSearch tables may return unexpected results if publishedAfter or publishedBefore parameters are used.

  • The HomePageActivities table does not include parameters for publishedAfter or publishedBefore.

  • Quotas - If you find that requests start to fail after a string of recent successful requests, you may have exceeded your quota levels.

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