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Qlik Cloud Data Integration subscription options

Qlik Cloud Data Integration subscriptions are based on a capacity model with the volume of Data Moved as the primary value meter.

Qlik Cloud Data Integration is available in subscription options from three tiers: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. The higher editions provide more advanced data sources and transformations. All subscriptions include Qlik Cloud Analytics Standard.

Highlights from each subscription option are presented below. Visit Qlik Pricing or contact Qlik Sales for more details about what is included. For more information about the license metrics, see Product Description for Qlik Cloud® Subscriptions.

Qlik Cloud Data Integration Standard

Data Integration Standard provides real-time data movement to any target from standard sources and SaaS applications. You subscribe to packs of Data Moved capacity. In addition, all editions of Qlik Cloud Data Integration include related Qlik Cloud capabilities, such as Qlik Sense, Application Automation, and AutoML.

The Standard edition provides:

  • Data movement from relational database sources and SaaS sources.

  • Basic data transformations

  • Data movement to all supported targets

  • Qlik Cloud Analytics Standard

  • Application Automation

  • AutoML

  • Full Users

This edition does not include all data integration capabilities, for example, SAP and mainframe sources and advanced transformations.

Basic transformations are used to transform data as part of the data onboarding process and include filtering and renaming datasets, adding, editing, and deleting columns. If you only use Qlik Cloud as a target, you will only need basic transformations.

Qlik Cloud Data Integration Premium

Qlik Cloud Data Integration Premium provides more advanced sources (SAP and DB2 Mainframe) and transformations and more Full Users than Qlik Cloud Data Integration Standard. You subscribe based on capacity for moved data.

With advanced data transformations, you can create data assets after onboarding data in the targets. Advanced transformations are done with a Transform data task and support, in addition to basic transformations, SQL-based transformations, merges, modeling, and data marts.

The Premium edition provides the same features available with Data Integration Standard as well as:

Qlik Cloud Enterprise

The Enterprise edition includes all the features available with Qlik Cloud Analytics Premium and Qlik Cloud Data Integration Premium. Qlik Cloud Enterprise gives you Full Users and Basic Users, advanced transformations, and real-time data movement from any source. You can subscribe to Data for Analysis capacity or Data Moved capacity, or both. In addition, some of the guardrails are negotiable, such as app size, reload frequency, and reload concurrency. For more details, see Qlik Cloud Analytics specifications and capacity.

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