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Qlik Cloud interface overview

When you log into Qlik Cloud for the first time, you will see content to help you get started. This introductory content will be available from the left-hand navigation pane on subsequent logins. Here you will find helpful resources to start using Qlik Cloud Analytics and Data Integration services. These resources include tutorials, demos, and demo apps.

Whether you are primarily an Analytics or Data Integration user, the Home screen is the base from which, depending on your permissions, you can navigate to either Analytics Services, Data Integration, or the Management Console from the Launcher menu Launcher menu.

Navigate to Analytics Services or Data Integration from the launcher menu.

Select the launcher menu to navigate to Data Analytics or Data Services or the Management Console

You can customize your settings as well as download additional tools in Profile settings. For more information, see Profile settings and Changing language in Qlik Cloud.

Information note

Qlik Cloud supports keyboard navigation. For more information, see Keyboard navigation and shortcuts in Qlik Cloud.

For users who build and explore data analytics applications with Qlik Cloud Analytics, the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub is the central location for app creation and data exploration. For more information on Qlik Cloud Analytics, see Analyzing data.

For users who deliver data to the cloud using data movement, transformations, and automated data pipelines, access Qlik Cloud Data Integration by selecting Data Integration from the launcher menu. For more information, see Integrating data.

Qlik Cloud users are increasingly using both services take advantage of Qlik's unified end-to-end platform for real-time data integration and analytics.

The Management Console is available for tenant administrators to manage spaces, user assignments, application and security settings, and other tenant configurations. For more information, see Using the Management Console.

If configured by your administrator, you'll find a direct link to Talend Cloud on your launcher menu. Talend is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platform that specializes in data integration, data quality management, data preparation, big data processing, and application integration. For more information, see Enabling a navigation link to Talend Cloud in the launcher menu.

Information noteThe functionality you see in Qlik Cloud depends on your user entitlement and the space permissions assigned to you. Content in screenshots may vary from what you see depending on your user entitlement and space permissions.

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