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What is the Governance Dashboard?

The Governance Dashboard provides QlikView administrators and developers visibility into their QlikView deployments by displaying metadata collected from QVW, QVD, and QVX files and QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher log and configuration files. The Governance Dashboard can show aggregate governance data for disparate Server/Publisher clusters or nodes.

A common problem with larger QlikView deployments is the creation of redundant QlikView files that contain overlapping instances of dimensions, measures, and expressions. As a QlikView deployment grows, the large number of files can become unmanageable and the likelihood of inconsistencies among similar QVWs increases significantly.

QlikView files, fields, and expressions can be generated from LOAD scripts defined in a QlikView application. Additional expressions, defining calculated data or measures, can also be defined in the actual visual sheet object of the QlikView application. These capabilities provide flexibility to the QlikView developer but can create inconsistency, redundancy, and uncertainty if not managed properly. Not having a single version can lead to poor decision making and a lack of confidence in the information provided.

Collecting and organizing metadata enables QlikView users to maximize data governance practices and optimize their QlikView investment. With the information collected in the Governance Dashboard, QlikView users can discover how efficiently their data and applications are being used as well as make informed decisions about how to develop future QlikView applications. This knowledge can be used to develop best practices and apply data governance to QlikView deployments.

By exposing symptoms like inconsistent labeling and wide swings in expected data volumes or resource utilization, the Governance Dashboard makes it possible to gauge the degree to which your organization is adhering to best practices and optimize your QlikView usage to attain the most efficient and effective decision-making in your business.

The Governance Dashboard is a QlikView dashboard with multiple sheets of charts and tables that present governance information for the IT user.

Users and administrators configure data governance scan profiles through the QlikView Desktop interface. Scan profiles include:

  • A list of directories containing QVW and QVD files, optionally using regular expression patterns to exclude certain content
  • A directory containing QlikView Server log files
  • A directory containing QlikView Publisher log files
  • A directory containing the path to a QlikView Repository

Multiple scan profiles can be maintained and run concurrently. You can create additional scan profiles by using the UserConfig script, or you can copy the Governance Dashboard 2.0.qvw to a new folder and change the settings on the Configuration sheet.

Getting started with the Governance Dashboard

If you want to remove historical data in the Governance Dashboard at any time to create a new starting point for historical data, delete all the QVD files and the .TXT file created by the Governance Dashboard in the Profile folder specified on the Configuration sheet.

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