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File Wizard: Options

File Parameters

File parameter settings
Setting Description
Labels If the field names (column headers) are stored in the first line of the table, this control should be set to Embedded. The DIF format also allows field names to be explicitly specified, and if that is the case, this control should be set to Explicit. If the table contains no field names, the None alternative should be used.


Clauses settings
Setting Description
Where... Opens the Where Clause dialog, with which is possible to create a where clause for the load statement.
Clear Revokes the transformation and/or the where clause of a cross table.


Prefix settings
Setting Description
Crosstable Opens the Crosstable dialog where it is possible to set the parameters for a transformation of a cross table into a three- (or more) column table.
Hierarchy... Opens the Hierarchy Parameters dialog, where it is possible to set the parameters for a hierarchy table (parameters as they appear in the script in parentheses).
Clear Revokes the transformation of a cross table or a hierarchy table.

Note that if both a cross table transformation and a where clause are used, the where clause is evaluated first. It is thus not possible to first transform from a cross table and then apply a where clause. However, if there is a need to apply a where clause on an already transformed table, a construction with a temporary table will solve the problem:

TempTable: Crosstable (…) Load … from …;

RealTable: Load … resident TempTable where …;

Drop Table TempTable;

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