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File Wizard: Type

This page contains the settings related to file type and table type. The settings vary according to file type.

When opening a table file, the program tries to interpret the contents of the file. The initial values of the parameters are set this way, but can of course be changed manually by the user.

File Type

The type of file is set here: Delimited, Fixed record, DIF, Excel Files (xls), Excel (xlsx), HTML, QVD, XML, KML or QVX.

Preview Pane

The result of the chosen settings is displayed in the preview pane (the lower part of the dialog page). When the settings are changed, the contents of the preview pane change accordingly. It is also possible to make some changes directly in the preview pane. First, it is possible to omit fields by clicking the “cross” button to the right of the field name. The cross will then change into an exclamation mark and the field will not be included in the load statement. To revoke this change, just click the exclamation mark once more. To rename a field, click the field name, enter the new name in this box and confirm by pressing RETURN. The as clauses in the load statement are then created automatically. Finally, for fix record files (and some HTML tables) it is also possible to set the column widths directly by clicking in the preview pane.

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