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Open Internet Files or Open QlikView Document

This dialog appears when clicking on one of the buttons QlikView File... or Table Files... in the Data page of the Tool Pane in the Edit Script dialog - provided that the Use FTP check box is marked. Depending on which button was used to open it, the dialog is called Open QlikView Document or Open Internet Files, but the functionality is the same. This dialog can also be used to open QlikView documents. This is done by choosing Open FTP from the File menu.

Select the server containing the file(s) that should be opened in the drop-down list box. If the server is not in the list (or if there is no list), enter a server name, then click Connect.

Open dialog
Field Description
FTP Server Address The first time connecting to the FTP server, the address has to be typed in here.
User Name Unless Anonymous Logon is checked, the user name will be entered here.
Password Unless Anonymous Logon is checked, the password will be entered here.
Connect Click this button to connect to the selected server. Selecting a server directly from the list, bypasses this procedure.
Passive Semantics To connect through a firewall, a passive FTP may have to be used.
Anonymous Logon Lets the user log on without stating a user name and password.
File Name The name(s) of the selected file(s) will appear here, when connected to the server.
Files of Type Specify the desired file type here.
Open Clicking this button generates a load statement that will enter into the load script in the Edit Script dialog.

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