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NodeGraph server configuration

NodeGraph default ports and such can be configured by editing the configuration file.

Prior to any editing, make sure the service is stopped.

This file is written over during an upgrade; it is therefore important to run a backup and restore after an upgrade.

The default placement for the configuration file is in the install root directory,

C:\Program Files\NodeGraph\NodeGraphServer.exe.config.

The file itself is an .XML structure, and the configuration you want to change is the following (example configuration with DEFAULT values):

<!-- Uncomment DataDirectory to use custom folder. Also update nlog.config -->
<!--<add key="DataDirectory" value="C:\NodeGraph\" /> -->
<add key="Host" value="*" />
<add key="Port" value="4114" />
<add key="UseTLS" value="false" />
<add key="AuditLog" value="false" />
<add key="AuditLogLevel" value="Full" />
<add key="Authentication" value="None" />
<add key="HeaderUser" value="x-nod-user" />
<add key="HeaderGroup" value="x-nod-group" />
<add key="HeaderResolveADGroups" value="true" />
<!-- Change http:// to https:// for NTLM with SSL and bind certificate to port -->
<add key="NtlmUrl" value="http://localhost:4115/ntlm/token" />
<add key="NtlmPort" value="4115" />
<add key="DisableScheduler" value="false" />
<add key="DisableSyncItemCache" value="false" />
<add key="UseForcedGarbageCollection" value="false" />
<add key="PersistenceEngine" value="false" />
<add key="ScriptNodeDrilldown" value="false" />
<add key="DataCatalogTimeout" value="3" />
What do these attributes do?
Attribute Parameter Note
DataDirectory A valid file path on a local resource. Uncomment this and point to another root directory if there is a need to change where NodeGraph stores internal files. To move log files as well, update NLog.config.
Host * , localhost, *, servername This is allowed host calls. Allows blocking of requests aimed to localhost for example, or only allow calls where domain is specified. Wildcard-pattern match.
Port Any non-reserved port Change default port of your NodeGraph landing point.
UseTLS true or false Set this to true to enforce https calls. Need to bind a certificate to the port as well. Not NG specific, see Microsoft Documentation, MSDN - Configuring SSL and Certificates.
AuditLog true or false Enables audit logging.
AuditLogLevel Full or Limited If enabled, sets detail level of audit logging.
Authentication None, Internal, NTLM, Header, SAML The configured authentication mode.
HeaderUser x-nod-user (Default header field name, can be any custom value.)

When using Header as authentication mode, this header field should be added by proxy in request. Example value for AD users: Domain\User.

See Header auth below .

HeaderGroup x-nod-group (Default header field name, can be any custom value.)

When using Header as authentication mode for AD users, this header field could be added by proxy to map AD groups to user specified in HeaderUser. Example values for AD groups using a comma separated list: Domain\GroupName1, Domain\GroupName2.

See Header auth below.

HeaderResolveADGroups true or false When using Header as authentication mode for AD users, NodeGraph will try to connect to AD and resolve AD groups for user specified in HeaderUser if true. The LDAP server to be used for lookups then needs to be specified under general NodeGraph settings.
NtlmUrl http(s)://localhost:4115/ntml/token , http(s):// Endpoint accessible from end user browsers to NodeGraph for NTLM resolving. Depending on your proxy, user call setup, or multi-AD setup, this might need adjusting.
NtlmPort Any non-reserved port. Reserved port for NTLM resolution endpoint if adjusted change NtlmUrl as well.
DisableScheduler true or false Disables all scheduled tasks and only operates on manual triggers.
DisableSyncItemCache true or false

Changes graph sync behaviors.

Do not change unless explicitly instructed.

UseForcedGarbageCollection true or false

Changes node update behavior.

Do not change unless explicitly instructed.

PersistenceEngine SQLite or LiteDB

Sets storage database type for graph files (gdbs or gdbl files). LiteDB (gdbl) is default, SQLite has shown some performance benefits on massive node environments.

Do not change without understanding the effect.

ScriptNodeDrilldown true or false

Exposes Qlik script transformations (what is hidden under the load script node). Greatly increases what is required to draw client side; requires more memory and potential CPU / MEM load client side.

Do not change without understanding the effect.

DataCatalogTimeout Seconds in integer How long NodeGraph will look up complementary information on nodes in the DC overview. High numbers can have performance impact.

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