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NodeGraph allows for five types of authentication. These types are:

  • None – Anonymous/No authentication makes all visitors administrators with full access.

  • Internal – Allows for customization and listing of different users under NodeGraph Settings.

  • NTLM – Uses the service account to query your LDAP domain for verification. Uses the NtlmEndpoint from the configuration above. Works for both Users and Groups. Requires the service to be run with and domain-connected user.

  • Header – If using a reverse proxy or similar in front of NodeGraph, specific header fields can be populated with user and group details for NodeGraph login.

  • SAML – Allows for connecting NodeGraph to Identity Provider Services such as MS Azure, Okta, Pingfederation, and similar.

Before changing the authentication behaviors of NodeGraph, it is recommended best practice to add an admin account to allow that allows login in to your NodeGraph instance if the authorization mode changes.

The change is performed by changing the Authentication attribute in the Config file (see NodeGraph server configuration for default location).

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