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General settings


If you check the box for “Include field lineage in documentation”, you will see field-detailed information in your documentation.

If you check the box for “Include application content in documentation”, you will see application content (i.e. dimensions and expressions) information in your documentation.

Field Explorer

If you check the box “Show Full Paths” you will see a file's full path in the Field Explorer module. If you have multiple files with the same name, the full path displayed may not lead to the correct file.

If you check the box for “Open Explore Field in a new tab”, the Field Explorer module will be opened in a new browser tab when you open it by right-clicking on a filed in the Dependency Explorer.


If you want to receive notifications after a successful build, a failed build, or test case, you can choose to receive an email from NodeGraph. Alternatively, you can choose to receive a Slack message.


Qlik-specific: If you have large log files, increase the “MAX LOG FILE SIZE TO PROCESS” so that NodeGraph captures all your log files.

Hostname: enter your server location where you have NodeGraph installed. This will enable the links from your Slack notifications to redirect automatically to NodeGraph.

AD Domain and AD Container are used to override the detected LDAP settings from your service account.

Single Sign-On

For more information about how to configure single sign-on, please see SAML authorization.

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