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Publishing apps to Qlik Cloud

In multi-cloud deployments, apps can be published from Client-Managed Qlik Sense to hubs in Qlik Cloud.

In a multi-cloud Client-Managed Qlik Sense deployment, administrators can configure streams in the Qlik Cloud hub to publish copies of apps in those streams to cloud hubs. When an app is published to the hub on another deployment, it is staged. A tenant administrator can then move the staged app to a managed space.

Apps published to the hub in another deployment are view-only. In multi-cloud deployments, hub functions such as scheduling reloads or collaboratively developing the app in a shared space are not supported. The app can only be updated or changed in the client-managed Qlik Sense hub.

Distributing and publishing an app from client-managed Qlik Sense to Qlik Cloud does not include the private community sheets. Only published community sheets are available.

Staged apps

In Qlik Cloud, apps without owners that are not in spaces are called staged apps. When an app is published to a cloud hub from Client-Managed Qlik Sense, it will not have an owner or space. A tenant or analytics administrator can assign it to a managed space from the Management Console.

For more information on managing staged apps in Management Console, see Managing apps.


If you want to use tags in apps that are distributed from Client-Managed Qlik Sense to Qlik Cloud, you need to create a custom property called Tags and then add appropriate values that can be used when distributing the app. If a distributed app has a tag value Sales, that value is synced with the cloud app and visible in the app details. If a distributed app doesn't have any tag value, the displayed value in the app details is empty.

Streams and tags

The Qlik Sense administrator can have a distribution policy that distributes published apps with added app properties with one or more tags to a cloud hub.

When an app is published to a stream in client-managed Qlik Sense, distribution policies determine the target cloud hubs that will receive the app with the tags. You can set app properties that control the destination cloud hub and tags when publishing in the client-managed Qlik Sense hub. Client-managed Qlik Sense by default copies the app from the stream to the cloud hub with the tags when you publish. The destination for each distribution is controlled by distribution policies managed by your Qlik Sense administrator.

Apps can be published to only one stream, but they can be published with multiple tags to multiple cloud hubs.

Tip note

Your administrator can see the time of the last sync in the stream properties.

Depending on your organization you may prefer to move apps to an archive stream with no distribution policy instead of just removing the app.

Tagged apps can be modified in client-managed Qlik Sense hub, like an app in any other client-managed Qlik Sense stream. In client-managed Qlik Sense hub. You can:

  • Duplicate apps in the stream.
  • Republish the app in the stream.
  • Manage app custom properties.
  • Open the app in Published.

In an open app in client-managed Qlik Sense, you can:

  • Publish and unpublish personal sheets and stories.
  • Add public sheets and stories to the app or remove them from the app.

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