Troubleshooting Qlik Web Connectors installation

There are several things you can do to troubleshoot and resolve problems before logging a case with product support. This section describes potential problems that can occur while installing and setting up Qlik Web Connectors.

Note: Check the Startup_Log.txt file to know where to look for possible errors and potential solutions. The file is located in root folder where you installed the Qlik Web Connectors, usually at C:/QlikWebConnectors.

Cannot run Qlik Web Connectors

Windows has blocked the downloaded zip file. You get a pop-up error message when you try to run the Qlik Web Connectors application:

  • Could not load file or one of its dependencies. Operation is not supported.

Qlik Web Connectors do not have the right permissions

Qlik Web Connectors do not have permission to reserve the port. The Startup_Log.txt file contains the error message:

  • Unable to configure namespace reservation

The chosen port number does not work

Qlik Web Connectors are trying to access a port registered to another application or service. The Startup_Log.txt file contains one of the following error messages:

  • Failed to listen on prefix 'http://+:5555/' because it conflicts with an existing registration of the machine
  • The process cannot access the file

Cannot load data from Qlik Web Connectors

Qlik Web Connectors are not using the default port number. You get one of the following error messages during your loading process:

  • Forbidden
  • Access is denied

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