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Basic Qlik Web Connectors installation


Basic Qlik Web Connectors installation

The basic installation sets up the Qlik Web Connectors to run in desktop mode for a single user with no authentication.

  1. Check the system requirements

    Before you begin, make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements.

    System requirements for Qlik Web Connectors

  2. Download the installation package

    Download the latest file from the Qlik Download Site.

    Install connectors separately

  3. Unzip files to a local or server folder

    Unzip and place the unzipped files in a folder on the root directory of the local machine or Windows server, for example: C:\QlikWebConnectors\.

    Warning note

    Before you unzip the file, check that the folder is not blocked by WIndows security. To unblock the zip file, right click on the file, select Properties, then click on Unblock in the General tab. Click Apply. You may still be able to unzip the contents of the folder if it is blocked but this will cause errors in the installation and setup.

    Warning note

    We do not recommended that you create the Qlik Web Connectors directory under Program Files.

  4. Start the installation

    In the newly created directory, right click the QlikWebConnectors.exe file and select Run as administrator.

    The following dialog opens indicating that Qlik Web Connectors service is running:


    The Qlik Web Connectors dialog appears on your desktop when you run the executable file. When you open the Qlik Web Connectors in your browser, this dialog minimizes to the system tray.
  5. Agree to the EULA

    Click (open in default browser) to open the Qlik Web Connectors in your default browser.

    Read and agree to the EULA (End User License Agreement).

    Qlik Web Connectors now runs as a small webserver on port 5555.

Next step

When you are finished setting up your Qlik Web Connectors installation, you can start using it to connect and load data from data sources.

Fetching data with Qlik Web Connectors

Tip noteIf you have trouble installing the Qlik Web Connectors, check the log file Startup_Log.txt which is found in the Qlik Web Connectors folder that you created.