MySQL Enterprise Edition

Connections to a MySQL database are made by selecting MySQL from the list of drivers in the list of connectors in the QlikView ODBC Connection dialog or the Qlik Sense Add data or Data load editor dialogs.

Supported MySQL Enterprise Edition versions

The followings data versions are supported:

  • 5.7 server
  • 5.1 server

Supported MySQL Enterprise Edition data types

The following MySQL Enterprise Edition data types are supported by the MySQL Enterprise Edition Connector.

  • BigInt
  • Binary
  • Bit
  • Boolean
  • Char
  • Date
  • Datetime
  • Decimal
  • Double
  • Enum
  • Float
  • Integer
  • Long text/Medium text/Tiny text/Text
  • MediumInt
  • Numeric
  • Real
  • Set
  • SmallInt
  • Time
  • Timestamp
  • TinyInt
  • Varbinary
  • Varchar
  • Year

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