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Working in spaces in Qlik Cloud Data Integration

Spaces are areas of Qlik Cloud Data Integration that are used to create and store data projects. Inside the space, you can also create new data connections using connectors, and manage access to Data Movement gateways. You can use your Personal space, or governed data spaces.

For more information about Qlik Cloud Data Integration, see Integrating data.

Personal space

Your Personal space is your own private work area. You cannot share resources, such as data projects or connections, from your personal space.

Data spaces

Access to a data space is determined by membership to the space. Access to the resources inside a data space is determined by roles assigned to members of the space. This means that a user must first be a member of the data space, and second, have the required roles to create, manage, or monitor resources in a data space. Members with the roles to consume resources can also use resources from a data space when building apps in personal, shared, and managed spaces.

Managing data spaces

To manage a data space, you must be a tenant admin, a data admin, or the space owner. Members of the data space who have the Can manage role can also manage the space.

Data space roles and permissions

You can add members to the data space and assign them roles inside the space. Space roles are defined by a set of permissions on the data space, and the resources inside the space.

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