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Selection Styles

QlikView supports a number of different ways of presenting field values and making selections in list boxes, charts and other objects. The QlikView Classic, Corner Tag and LED styles all use color coding for indication of selected, possible and excluded values. The Windows Checkboxes style mimics the standard Windows interface with a check box at each value. The LED Checkbox style uses the color-coding in combination with the Windows Checkboxes style.

When using the selection styles based on color, there are a number of different color schemes available. The basic colors (green for selected, blue for locked etc.) cannot be changed, but variations in tone and intensity are possible.

Which style to use can be controlled in a few different ways:

  • on the Document Properties: General page
  • on the User Preferences: General page
  • on the List Box Properties: Presentation page

Representation of Logical State

The logical state of a field value in QlikView is in the color-coded QlikView Classic style represented by color coding of background and text in the cells of list boxes and multi boxes. In some other sheet objects and on the sheet tabs so called selection beacons may appear to indicate selections. The & and ! characters may appear to the left of data in list boxes and multi boxes in order to indicate AND-selections and forced exclusion (sometimes referred to as NOT selection).

With the Windows Checkboxes style the only color coding remaining is the white and gray background of cells to indicate possible and excluded values in list boxes and multi boxes. However, all cells will also feature an icon to the data, which shows the logical status. These icons also appear in the place of the selection beacons in other parts of the document.

The differences are summarized in the table below:

Logical states
QlikView state QlikView color-coded styles Windows check box styles (icons)
Possible White/black Possible check box
Excluded Gray/light gray Excluded check box
Selected Green/black Selected check box
Selected excluded Gray/light gray Selected excluded check box
Locked Blue/yellow Locked check box
Locked excluded Gray/light gray Locked excluded check box
AND-selected Green/black with & AND-selected check box
Subject to forced exclusion Red/black with ! Forced exclusion check box

Logical Behavior

The logical behavior of the Windows Check Boxes and the LED Checkbox style differs in two ways from that of the color-coded styles.

  1. All clicks under the Windows and LED Check Boxes style are considered toggle selections, i.e. they work as if the Ctrl key is held down while clicking under the color-coded styles.
  2. All list boxes are treated as if the Show Alternatives option is selected, regardless of the actual setting of this property.

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