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Indicators (or beacons) are colored dots that sometimes appear in tables, on tabs and in the right-hand corner of the status bar. Indicators are there simply to remind you of selections that have been made in fields that are not available on the sheet that you are currently viewing. Since all sheets of a QlikView document are fully interconnected at all times, such selections will most likely affect what is displayed on the active sheet - even when they are not immediately apparent! This is the main reason for having indicators.

Selection indicators may also appear in the upper right-hand corner of the data fields in the QlikView tables: table boxes, pivot tables and straight tables. This is a useful option as the selections in tables are not themselves color-coded. The option is selected/deselected in the user preferences dialog.

Selection indicators will appear in the current selections box as well as in the free-floating current selections window, in order to distinguish between selected and locked values.

Indicator Color Scheme

The color of the indicators follows the general color scheme:

Colour schemes
Indicator color Color scheme
Green Selected values
Blue Locked values
Red Values in AND-mode that are included in a forced exclusion


The picture below shows what the different indicators look like in the current selections box.

Examples of red, blue and green indicators.

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